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Saint Prayer Cards

Saint Prayer Cards

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Laminated prayer cards of particular Saints with a prayer you can use to petition them on the back. These can be used as a visual representation of the Saint on an altar space, carried on your person, or kept around for when you need a particular prayer.

St Agatha. Can be petitioned for survivors of assault, cancer patients, assistance through surgeries such as top surgery or a mastectomy, or protection from fire.

St Anthony of Padua. Can be petitioned for finding lost things, help with debt, or money matters. This prayer card has his unfailing prayer written on the back. 

St Expedite. Can be petitioned for urgent matters.

St Joseph. St Joseph. Can be petitioned for all manners, but is particularly potent in finding a house, a job, or assistance with building different areas of your life.

St Lucy. Can be petitioned for protection from the evil eye, eye troubles, protection of young girls, or finding light in darkness.

St Michael the Archangel. Can be petitioned for works of protection and justice.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Can be petitioned for miracles.

St Raphael the Archangel. Can be petitioned for healing and safe travels.

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