Policies and Disclaimers

Policies and Disclaimers

Tarot Reading Policies & Scheduling as well as disclaimers apply to all reading services provided by Chaotic Witch Aunt.

Spell Service Disclaimers and Policies apply to all spells and spiritual services provided by Chaotic Witch Aunt.


a. Tarot readings are provided in written format on the day that is scheduled. They will be provided to the client at the end of the day (12pm MST) on their scheduled date. If for some reason CWA is unable to fulfill (defined as written reading sent) the reading on the day the client is scheduled to receive the product, CWA will communicate this to the client 24 hours before or 24 hours after the day in which the client is scheduled to receive the reading.

b. Tarot readings are refundable within 15 days of the date when the reading was scheduled if the client has received the product, but is displeased with the quality of the services. Refunds requested over 15 days of receiving the scheduled reading will be denied.

Chaotic Witch Aunt reserves the right to deny a refund in the any or all of the following circumstances:

a. The reading was never scheduled via Calendly link by the client, despite the scheduling link being provided to the client.

b. Multiple (2 or more) follow up emails were sent to the buyer requesting them to schedule their reading with no response and no scheduling of reading.

c. The email provided to CWA by the buyer was innacurate or incorrect and no email was sent to CWA via Contact page or by email to rectify this issue, therefore leaving CWA unable to contact the buyer with the follow-up scheduling email.


If an individual is displeased with the services provided by Chaotic Witch Aunt during the tarot reading, the individual has 15 days to request a refund. A request for a refund within 15 days of the tarot appointment due to displeasure with the services will receive a full refund. Any requests for refunds due to this nature made after 15 days since your scheduled tarot reading will be denied.


These services are for ENTERTAINMENT AND NOVELTY purposes only. They do not predict the future or take away your free will. ChaoticAuntTarot AND/OR ChaoticWitchAunt hold no legal liability nor responsibility post purchasing these services. These services SHOULD NOT take the place of professional advice for legal, mental, or physical matters because they are for NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY. ChaoticWitchAunt will not accept orders asking about medical issues, death, illegal activity such as gambling, or anything not about spiritual and holistic healing questions. Orders asking for advice on these matters listed will NOT be fulfilled and be refunded as these services are for entertainment and novelty purposes only.


Chaotic Witch Aunt does not offer refunds for spellwork unless they are unable to complete your spell. If you change your mind about the spell, you can put it towards another service (workshop or different spell) or use it as shop credit. Chaotic Witch Aunt reserves the right to cancel a spell and refund for any reason.

All spells and spiritual services offered on this website are strictly for entertainment purposes only and you understand that CWA does not guarantee nor promise their effectiveness, outcome, success rate, or accuracy. CWA is not responsible for and is free of all liability for anything that happens or does not happen. You understand fully that we are not liable for misuse of service/products and we do not guarantee any spell or spiritual service to work magically, as desired, or as focused. All of the services we offer are strictly for entertainment purposes only. 

By purchasing spells/spiritual services, you do so at your own risk and you release Chaotic Witch Aunt from any liability for what happens or does not happen. By making a purchase, you understand and agree to our no refunds policy, regardless of the outcome of spells and other spiritual services.