Policies, Disclaimers, & FAQS


1. How long before my order ships?

Our current processing time is 14-21 days, excluding pre-orders, customs, and veil enchantments. We do our best to ensure that every package is sent out within 2 weeks of purchasing date.

2. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping.

3. I placed two separate orders. Can you combine shipping on them?

We can do our best to ship your products together in the same order! However, our shipping prices are based off weight. The weight of the products will be the same even when shipped together, so it will be the same price if you purchased shipping separately.

4. It's been past the processing time and my order has not shipped. What do I do?

Please email us! While we strive for all packages going out within our allotted shipment time, we are one person, and sometimes we make mistakes. If we missed your package, we will ensure it goes out within 3 business days of your email alerting us to this mistake. If this is because of a delay out of our control, such as inclement weather, personal emergency, etc, you should see a notification on our Instagram story or header on our website. We will do our best to get your package out ASAP!

5. My package says it was delivered, but I haven't received it.

Please contact USPS to see if they can find your package via the tracking number. Otherwise, CWA will send a replacement product if we are contacted about the missing product within 30 days of shipping or if USPS is unable to find it.

6. I received the wrong Saint medal/oil/veil. What do I do?

Please contact us at chaoticwitchaunttarot@gmail.com with your order number, pictures of your order, and we will work with you to find a solution and/or send a replacement.

7. I DMed you on Instagram about an issue with my order and did not get a response.

Due to the size of our platform, we do not typically answer DMs via Instagram that are not from mutuals nor do we sort through the DMs that are sent. Please send all questions regarding orders via email or our contact page.

8. How do I get notified about restocks?

Restock information is posted via our Instagram and our broadcast channel as well as our email newsletter. Sign up, join, or follow us to be notified!

9. Where are your veils from?

Our veils are primarily vintage, meaning they are pre-loved and may have slight flaws based off age and wear, and are sourced from a variety of vintage sellers. The veils that are not vintage are from other small businesses & shops.

10. I want to buy a veil, but I don't want a blessing or smoke cleansing.

Please specify to withhold blessings/cleansing in the notes as you check out, and we will send the veil as-is, with no spiritual work.

11. Do you still offer tarot readings?

I read exclusively through Ritualcravt in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Visit our Book a Reading tab to view my schedule and book a virtual or in person reading.

12. I put the wrong address in for my email. What do I do?

Please email us as soon as possible so we can do our best to internally change your address. We can not take any responsibility for packages sent to wrong addresses if we did not receive an email, if the address was changed (moving) between purchase and shipping, or if our shipping system did not internally change the email despite our best efforts.

13. An item I purchased was returned to sender/failed to deliver. What do I do?

Please alert us via email within a week of you noticing the shipment method saying "returned to sender" or "failed to deliver". If the shipment was returned to our store, we can re-ship it for a flat fee of $6. If the shipment was not returned to our store, we recommend opening up a missing package investigation with the shipment source. 



Allergen information is provided on each product listing. For extra information on allergens, please email chaoticwitchaunttarot@gmail.com or send an email through our contact page.

Product Disclaimers & Allergen Information

Legal Disclaimers

All CWA products are made with organic materia such as dried and fresh herbs and fruits, and do not contain artificial dyes or fragrances.

CWA products are not meant to cure or treat ailments, injuries, or illnesses. We always recommend you patch test your oils prior to use and contact CWA about allergen questions. It is the customer’s responsibility to reach out to CWA regarding all personal allergens before purchasing.

Shelf life is 6-8 months. Do not consume.

Allergen info
CWA products are made in a pet friendly home.
We can not prevent cross contamination with the following items: nuts, tree nuts, eggs, animal fur, and sesame. While our products may not contain these items, we create and bottle our products in areas that have been exposed to these items. Please contact us for the exact allergen information prior to purchasing if you have concerns.

Vintage Products

Veils sold by CWA that are vintage may have general wear, tear, runs, or stains. All veils are handled with care before shipping, but we can not take accountability for flaws that appear after the order is delivered, after user's wear, or through the shipping process. Veils will have flaws noted in listing and purchase of the veil is an automatic acceptance of the noted flaws. Please email to request more information on noted flaws if necessary.

Spell & Related Services Disclaimer

Chaotic Witch Aunt does not offer refunds for spellwork unless they are unable to complete your enchantment. If you change your mind about the enchantment, you can put it towards another service (workshop or different spell) or use it as shop credit. Chaotic Witch Aunt reserves the right to cancel an enchantment and refund for any reason.

All enchantments and spiritual services offered on this website are strictly for entertainment purposes only and you understand that CWA does not guarantee nor promise their effectiveness, outcome, success rate, or accuracy. CWA is not responsible for and is free of all liability for anything that happens or does not happen. You understand fully that we are not liable for misuse of service/products and we do not guarantee any spell or spiritual service to work magically, as desired, or as focused. All of the services we offer are strictly for entertainment purposes only. 

By purchasing spells/spiritual services, you do so at your own risk and you release Chaotic Witch Aunt from any liability for what happens or does not happen. By making a purchase, you understand and agree to our no refunds policy, regardless of the outcome of enchantments and other spiritual services.


Please notify us if via email if an oil or product is damaged, spilled, or broken in transit and we will send a replacement if it fits the following criteria:

a. Product was broken/damaged in transit due to our packaging, such as a broken cap, a spill, or a shattered jar. Pictures must be sent in email requesting refund or replacement. We will not send a refund or replacement without this.

b. Product that was ordered is missing from order due to wrong fulfillment or you received the wrong item, such as a Saint medal or oil size.

c. Items were sent to the wrong address & CWA was alerted of the address change within 5 days of purchase date.

d. Items are missing/not delivered and unable to be located via USPS and CWA is alerted of this within 30 days of shipment date.

Please include a picture of the damage & the order number when emailing. We can not replace vintage items such as veils, as they are one of a kind. If you are interested in a refund, we offer the following policy for non-replaceable items:

a. Product was broken/damaged in transit due to our packaging, such as a spill, a stain, or a rip. Any damage that occurred in transit other than a spill, stain, or rip that is not due to the product's packaging, but mishandling of the item by the postal service are not considered in this policy.

b. Items were sent to the wrong address & CWA was alerted of the address change within 5 days of purchase date. 

All other refunds are on a case-by-case basis and must be requested within 15 business days of receiving the order. All other refunds past this time will be rejected due to the nature of the items in our store.