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Chaotic Witch Aunt

Ruta - Herbal Spray

Ruta - Herbal Spray

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Our first herbal spray. Created with actual herbal matter of the Ruta gravoleons plant. Packaged in a 2oz amber spray bottle.

Work with Ruta for protection, banishing, and dispelling negative forces such as the evil eye. Ruta herbal spray is a fierce ally for empowerment, ancestral connection, healing, banishment of negativity and the breaking of bad habits. Can be utilized to break curses, hexes, and jinxes, and to reverse harm sent upon you.

Spray on doors to keep out evil and foes. Use in a floorwash weekly to keep your space protected. Spray your veil or hair with Ruta to carry Her protection with you throughout the day agains the evil eye or curses. 

Contains grain alcohol. 

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