Seven Day Spell

Seven Day Spell

Chaotic Witch Aunt
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A seven-day spell dressed and cast by Chaotic Witch Aunt. All candles are glass-encased prayer candles and dressed personally with oils, herbs, and their blends of such. 

A seven-day candle is beneficial for longer-term workings and continues to be worked throughout the entirety of the burn period - while chime and taper candles offer a burst of energy (a few days or weeks), seven day candles can last up to months depending on the burn period and how long they are worked. Seven Day candles create strong pathways for removing obstacles, pushing forward job opportunities, or creating protection.

Please email with the following information after purchasing:

- Name and Birthday of the individual the spells is for.

All Seven Day spells are dressed with my personal herb mixes and my hand-curated oils. Seven Day spells by Chaotic Witch Aunt burn for 9 days to 3 weeks.


Protection - Specific to protection against envy, harm, and enemies. 

Reversal - Reversing harm that has been sent to you by il malocchio (evil eye), invidia (envy), hexes and more. 

Curse Breaker - To break a curse that has been placed upon you.

Road Opener - To remove obstacles and clear roads towards a specific goal or remove crossings placed upon you.

Success - To assist you in being successful in new endeavors, projects, and/or jobs.

Custom - Includes a free consultation and a creation of a Seven Day Spell to fit your needs by Chaotic Witch Aunt.

You will receive a confirmation via picture of the working, a candle wax reading (CWA’s interpretation), and a tarot pull to help you know which way to go from here once the spell is completed.  There is a 14-30 day turn around in order to make time for getting ingredients and materials, then casting.


Chaotic Witch Aunt does not offer refunds for spellwork unless they are unable to complete your spell. If you change your mind about the spell, you can put it towards another service (workshop or different spell) or use it as shop credit. Chaotic Witch Aunt reserves the right to cancel a spell and refund for any reason.

All spells and spiritual services offered on this website are strictly for entertainment purposes only and you understand that CWA does not guarantee nor promise their effectiveness, outcome, success rate, or accuracy. CWA is not responsible for and are free of all liability for anything that happens or does not happen. You understand fully that we are not liable for misuse of service/products and we do not guarantee any spell or spiritual service to work magically, as desired, or as focused. All of the services we offer are strictly for entertainment purposes only. 

By purchasing our spells/spiritual services, you do so at your own risk and you release Chaotic Witch Aunt from any liability. By making a purchase, you understand and agree to our no money back no refunds policy, regardless of the outcome of spells and other spiritual services.