Chaotic Witch Aunt is currently open to accepting new mentees.

Chaotic Witch Aunt, also known as Frankie Castanea, is a witch of seven years and a folk practitioner for two. Their areas of expertise include beginning witchcraft, deity work, and folk magic. While they may not be an expert on every topic, they do have a wide variety of peers and resources at their disposal to assist in answering questions and guiding you. A mentorship with Frankie includes the following:

4 one on one 30-min meetings a month with custom spell-work, resources, guidance and questions. This includes access to Chaotic Witch Aunt outside of these meetings via personal DM and access to all resources available to them at this time. We will identify things you want to work on throughout these meetings, work to implement them, and help you towards your spiritual goals effectively. Confirmation readings and tarot readings are part of the mentorship program or assistance in spellwork/spell walkthroughs.

This mentorship program is best for:

  • Individuals in folk magic looking to complete certain goals in a particular time period.
  • Individuals starting witchcraft and looking for guidance on where to go from here or what resources are good.
  • Individuals looking for outside assistance in gaining resources and formulating a practice that works for them with the resources they have available.
  • Individuals interested in folk magic with unsurety of where to begin or how to find resources.

To book a consult to see if mentorship with CWA is right for you, please email