Money Drawing - Spelled Oil
Money Drawing - Spelled Oil
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Money Drawing - Spelled Oil

Chaotic Witch Aunt
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True to its namesake, the allies in this oil not only bring in abundance quickly, but safeguard it once it has arrived. Filled with affirmations of bringing money in, Money Drawing is a quick worker and eager to be of use in helping you bring in the funds you desire. 

Charged on my personal money altar and infused with the energy of two Saints I turn to for prosperity, fast money, abundance, and achieving my goals. 

Money Drawing is best used on the skin on a day to day basis, a spell candle, or on a charm bag carried close to the skin to invite in abundance and opportunity. 

Money Drawing uses a base oil that contains almonds.

Legal Disclaimers

All CWA products are made with organic materia such as dried and fresh herbs and fruits, natural fragrances or essential oils, and do not contain artificial dyes or fragrances. Oils are created to be used to the intention of the buyer and results may vary.

CWA products are not meant to cure or treat ailments, injuries, or illnesses.  We always recommend you patch test your oils prior to use and contact CWA about allergen questions. It is the customer’s responsibility to reach out to CWA regarding all personal allergens before purchasing. All CWA products are not intended to be used in lieu of medical, legal, or business advice from a certified professional. 

Shelf life is 6-8 months. Do not consume. Sold as curio only.

Keep out of reach and away from children and pets. 

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We can not prevent cross contamination with the following items: nuts, tree nuts, eggs, animal fur, and sesame. While our products may not contain these items, we create and bottle our products in areas that have been exposed to these items. Please contact us for the exact allergen information prior to purchasing if you have concerns.


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