TAROT READING - 20 Minute Video Session! (extremely accurate, as many questions as you want, personal)

TAROT READING - 20 Minute Video Session! (extremely accurate, as many questions as you want, personal)

Chaotic Witch Aunt
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*DUE TO THE HIGH INFLUX OF DEMAND AND ORDERS, WE ASK THAT YOU ARE PATIENT WITH RECEIVING YOUR SESSION. Scheduling links will be provided and we do our best to fulfill your order as soon as we have availability.*

A tarot reading by Chaotic Aunt Tarot. 15-minute video session!  Meet over skype, zoom, Instagram video, or digital format of your choice for a personalized video session catered to your questions, troubles, and issues. Includes a full spread and/or questions of your choice.

Other readings available:

30-minute video session

45-minute video session

1hr video session

Emergency video session (same day scheduling)

Tags: witchcraft, tarot readings, divination, etc.


DISCLAIMER: these services are for ENTERTAINMENT AND NOVELTY purposes only. they do not predict the future nor do they take away your free will, and in no way is ChaoticAuntTarot or ChaoticWitchAunt holds no legal liability nor responsibility post purchasing these services. These services SHOULD not take the place of professional advice for legal, mental, or physical matters because they are for NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY. I will not accept orders asking about medical issues, death, illegal activity such as gambling, or anything not pertaining to spiritual and holistic healing questions. Orders asking for advice on these matters listed will NOT be fulfilled and will be refunded as these services are for entertainment and novelty purposes only.

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