Deity Identification Reading

Deity Identification Reading

Chaotic Witch Aunt
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This reading does not have a card limit. The amount of cards is determined by Chaotic Witch Aunt according to what they need to identify the deity reaching out to you.

This deity identification reading is best if you have been receiving signs from what you feel is a deity, or have an inkling that a deity is reaching out to you.

This identification includes the following:
⁃ Using tarot cards to utilize possible deities that are reaching out
⁃ Correlating the tarot cards to research done by Chaotic Witch Aunt

Because of the correlation and similar deities across pantheons, it is more likely that you will receive MULTIPLE possibilities for deities reaching out to you. Chaotic Witch Aunt Tarot encourages you to do your own research after the reading, and overall follow your intuition for which deity resonates and feels right for you.

 The interpretation and reading will be written out within a PDF document and delivered within 14-21 days of the buying date.

DISCLAIMER: these services are for ENTERTAINMENT AND NOVELTY purposes only. they do not predict the future nor do they take away your free will, and in no way is ChaoticAuntTarot or ChaoticWitchAunt holds no legal liability nor responsibility post purchasing these services. These services SHOULD not take the place of professional advice for legal, mental, or physical matters because they are for NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY. I will not accept orders asking about medical issues, death, illegal activity such as gambling, or anything not pertaining to spiritual and holistic healing questions. Orders asking for advice on these matters listed will NOT be fulfilled and will be refunded as these services are for entertainment and novelty purposes only.